Cooling Blanket – Doing Wonders

A cooling blanket is highly effective in treating hyperthermia. It is also used to lower the body temperature of patients suffering from high fever and neuro-trauma patients. In LA County Hospital, it is now their protocol to use cooling blankets for patients who suffered from a sudden heart attack. There are different types of cooling blankets available in the market and this article aims to provide you with sufficient knowledge on how cooling blankets are used at home or in the hospitals.

Cooling blankets for home use

Cooling blankets and cooling pillows are used to reduce high fever in homes. This is said to be more effective than ice packs. There are advantages of using cooling blankets for those with high fever at home. These are:

  • Convenience. It is very convenient to use and there are several types that you can choose fromThermoelectric cooling blankets are hot and cold type of blankets.  It can be used for both heating and cooling down body temperature. Some may have digital thermometers with dials attached to electric blankets for easy manipulation.


  • An electric cooling blanket has side controllers and settings that you can manipulate.
  • Safe to use. It has safety features and some cooling blankets have automatic temperature adjustments. 
  • Versatile. Other cooling blankets have pouches for your feet to stay warm and there are other features such as an illuminated dial that’s easy to use especially in the dark.

As always, a physician’s advice is still needed when thinking of buying this kind of product.

Cooling blankets for hospital use

A cooling blanket is an effective tool in healthcare that is why hospitals also use it. Here are some of its hospital uses:

  • For patients who suffered from cardiac arrest. When a patient suffers from full cardiac arrest, the brain is also jeopardized because oxygen does not get to the brain and eventually cause a mental deficit.
  • To help the brain recuperate. Cooling blankets are now used four hours after patients are being revived to lower their body temperature thus letting the brain recuperate.
  • For postoperative and natal care. Medical cooling blanket is also used during post-operative care.  This type of blanket is also used in some Neonatal Intensive Care Units as well, another breakthrough to help doctors’ research on how to combat newborn oxygen deprivation.  They say that they can work on the brain better when it is cool and analysis can be determined further.  Before, they used cooling caps for newborn babies; now they shifted to cooling blankets. 

Whatever you prefer for your own use, you may find great deals on these products online and in stores.  Just a reminder though, you still need to ask your physician’s advice regarding this.  Manufacturers of these types of products also advise users to either put it on top of the body or at the bottom with another protective sheet for comfort.  You have to think not only about what others say that may help you but also ask your doctor about your interest in buying this product.  After that, this guide may help you decide on what to do after the thumbs up from your doctor.